Luo Su Chairman 2024 New Year Address

January 2, 2024
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Dear new and old friends at home and abroad:

All Tongjin colleagues:

Happy new year to everyone!
Time goes by, time flies like a shuttle. 2023 will be gone in a flash. In the past year of 2023, everyone has been through fierce internal competition and suffering, and Tongjin is no exception. In the year 2023 that Tongjin defined as "seeking progress while maintaining stability", we successfully held the 20th anniversary commemorative conference of "Respecting the Original Intention and Creating the Future" for the establishment of Tongjin, participated in more than ten large-scale domestic exhibitions and successfully held ISEL round-table forums with partners, awarded the titles of National "Specialized, Precise, Unique and Novel Small Giant Enterprise" and "Suzhou Excellent Intelligent Manufacturing Service Provider", the "Research and Development Industrialization of Adaptive Assembly Equipment for Permanent Magnet Motors" was approved by Suzhou Transformation Project, and twelve national invention patents were authorized. In product development to further highlight the independent brands- servo electric cylinder and 100 tons of heavy-duty servo electric cylinder and successfully delivered; Intelligent servo press machine new energy motor assembly line has achieved a breakthrough in quantity, a number of production lines exported to European countries; Successfully developed a right angle seventh axis robot. Every achievement cannot be achieved without the concerted efforts of the Tongjin core team and the hard work of our colleagues. Thank you all!
In the upcoming year 2024, we will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.
Under the contraction of demand, supply shocks, and weakened expectations, the market is facing many uncertainties. "Pragmatic innovation and practical work to revitalize the country". We will define Tongjin 2024 as the year of "seeking excellence while maintaining stability". Stability is the top priority, seeking for excellence while maintaining stability, specifically ensuring stable orders, quality, and delivery time; Constantly strive for perfection, meticulous plan and precise expenditures, downsizing personnel and reducing institutions, any difficulty can be solved if we are dedicated and sincere. We still prioritize innovation and development as our top priority for enterprises, always insisting on increasing research and development efforts and expanding channels for talent introduction; Adhere to independent brands; Firmly make good products; Firm confidence in corporate culture. We will enhance team vitality, expand cohesion, strengthen team combat effectiveness, and vigorously promote the core values of “innovation, aggressiveness, honesty, and harmony of the enterprise”; With the historical mission of "leading to the world and flourishing China", we will steadily do our best to become a benchmark enterprise in the intelligent manufacturing and assembly industry; Always adhere to the national standard of "specialization, precision, uniqueness, and novelty" to do a good job in enterprises, to be a good partner in intelligent manufacturing around you, and to strive for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the Chinese Dream!
We need to have the spirit of firmly grasping the green mountains and not letting go, standing rooted in the broken rocks, in order to withstand the winds of the east, west, north, and south even after thousands of trials and tribulations.
On this occasion, I wish all of you:
Happy new year, good health, peace and happiness for leaders, colleagues, and friends; I hope you will continue to support the development of Tongjin as always, thank you!
Chairman Su Luo