Table Desktop Style Servo Driven Press Hollow Cup Motor Shaft Press Mounting

Place of Origin China
Brand Name TJ
Model Number TJ-SP-01,05,10,20,30,50
Minimum Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price negotiable
Packaging Details non wooden box
Delivery Time 6~8 weeks
Payment Terms T/T,30% payment in advance,70% before delivery
Supply Ability 30 pcs per month
Product Details
Repeatability ±0.01 Lead 200~350mm
Pressing Mount Speed 0~35mm/s Fast Forward/return 0~100mm/s
Pressure Range 0.1~50KN Voltage Tri-phase 380V/220VCustomized, 380V/220V Optional, 380V /220V, 220/380V, 220V/380V(According To Your Location)
Application Hollow Cup Motor Shaft Press Mounting Color Customizable
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Desktop Style Servo Driven Press


Table Style Servo Driven Press


Table Style Servo Press Machine

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Product Description

Table-Desktop Style Servo Driven Press,to use: Hollow cup motor shaft press mounting



1. Five-speed stroke precision pressing and mounting, pressure and position precision control;

2. Online press-assembly quality judgment;

3. Press-mounting curve display;


4. A variety of pressing mode for choice;

5.100 sets of press-assembly program can be set;

6. Press-loading data transmission and storage

7. Multiple detection points can be set, all the relationship between detection points and displacement can be generated tables, and pressure curves, permanent protection

Storage, can be extracted at any time. It can also connect to other office computers. Easier to monitor.

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Technical Principles:

⊙Sere Pressure machine: is driven by AC servo motor and output force precision ball screw to achieve the functions of press fitting and measuring pressure displacement.

⊙Precise pressure sensor and encoder inside can measure the speed, press and position precisely; Professionally developed control software can assure precisely to control the parameters of press mounting force, stop position, press mounting speed and holdup time etc, in the whole process to achieve the CNC control .


Elementary Operation:

⊙Teaching Mode: can set related parameters.

⊙Running Mode: start button. Servo pressure machine start running according to the set parameters (curve pictured at right).

⊙External Control Mode: servo pressure machine can accept the command code through external I/O port and work.

⊙Editing Function: During press mounting process allows to set varieties of conditions to control press mounting speed and the stop position; Implementing application of setting the determine window and incremental control etc.


Software of Servo Pressure Machine:

Keyboard and functional keys settings

Simulation parameters

Curve determine settings interface

⊙Program Set-allows editing procedures and setting determine conditions.

⊙Data Sampling Program-can download the data the whole process of press mounting and save in the PC.



Items/Type Unit TJ-SP -01 TJ-SP -05 TJ-SP -10 TJ-SP -20 TJ-SP -30 TJ-SP -50
Pressure Range Maximum value KN 1 5 10 20 30 50
Allowance range KN 0.1-1 0.5-5 1-10 2-20 3-30 5-50
Minimum adjustable unit N 1
Minimum detection value 0.2% of the maximum pressure
Lead Maximun value mm 200 200 200 200 250 350
Minimum adjustable unit mm 0.01
Speed Press mounting mm/s 035
Fast forward/ return mm/s 0-100
Minimum adjustable unit mm/s 0.01
Dwell time Maximum vaule S 3000
Minimum adjustable unit S 0.1
Repeatabilrty mm ±0.01
Pov/er kw 0.4 0.75 1.5 2.2 3.5 5.5
Voltage Tri-phase V 380/220



First, improve productivity: The stroke length of tongjin servo press can be set as the minimum value necessary for production, which can maintain the forming speed suitable for the processing content. The existing Rocco host through the thoroughly honed experimental conclusion, reasonably defined as 0.5T; 2.0 T; 5T; Four models of 10T, the pressure covers the range of 0.1-10T, to meet the basic needs of precision press-mounted components, if customized, non-standard selection can be made.

Two, energy saving and environmental protection: the special control computer adopts independent research and development OF FPGA control board card, software, control board card and software perfect combination, different from the traditional PLC control, control precision, precision up to a new order of magnitude, power saving 50%-80%.

Three, safety and precision: each machine is installed infrared safety grating, effectively protect the operator, servo intelligent patent control to match the best press-mounting scheme, to ensure that the machine repeated positioning accuracy up to 0.01mm, pressure error ±1%.

Four, low failure rate: servo intelligent patent industrial control system, the existing tongjin press host through tempered experimental conclusions, low failure rate, stable and efficient production efficiency, the machine is equipped with automatic fault alarm and one-key reset function, real-time data feedback.

Five, stable and durable: the frame adopts the whole machine frame structure, the body adopts the overall casting, built-in sensor, the slider adopts the precision guide guide operation, shock resistance and lateral pressure resistance, the whole machine is stable, precision and durable, suitable for blanking, forming, extrusion, punching and cutting, assembly, typing and stamping and other technological purposes.

6. Easy maintenance: the whole machine is designed into module structure according to different function modes. It is easy to disassemble and assemble.

3.Classic cases

Scope of application:

1. Precision assembly of motor rotor, bearing, impeller and other motors

2. Precision pressing assembly of circuit board plug-in

3. Bearing of auto parts, assembling and pressing, etc

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Table Desktop Style Servo Driven Press Hollow Cup Motor Shaft Press Mounting 2





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Compared with traditional press, tongjin servo press has obvious advantages in production efficiency, product quality and flexibility. The servo extrusion process can be optimized in terms of beat time, die wear, energy consumption and environmental sustainability with a powerful direct drive and accompanying control system.