Customized Speed Servo Electric Cylinder Advanced Replacement for Hydraulic/Pneumatic Cylinders

Place of Origin made in china suzhou
Brand Name suzhou Tongjin
Model Number TJEN075,095

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Product Details
Repeatability High Stroke Length Customized
Accuracy High Position Detection Encoder
Operating Temperature -20℃~+80℃ Speed Customized
Type Electric Cylinder Product Name Servo Electric Cylinder
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Product Description

Product Description:

Servo Electric Cylinder is an electric servo linear actuator which includes an electric motor, a ball screw or lead screw, and a position feedback system. After the electric motor is powered on, it drives the ball screw or lead screw to move the cylinder, and the position feedback system accurately detects the position of the cylinder. This type of electric servo actuator is typically used to achieve highly accurate linear motion control in a wide range of applications. It is mainly composed of a flange mounting interface, a servo motor, a ball screw or lead screw, and a high accuracy positioning system. The stroke length of the electric servo cylinder can be customized according to customer needs.



  • Product Name: Servo Electric Cylinder
  • Mounting Method: Flange
  • Position Detection: Encoder
  • Force: Customized
  • Surface Treatment: Anodizing
  • Speed: Customized
  • Energy Efficiency: Over traditional hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders
  • Electric Servo Linear Actuator

Technical Parameters:

Feature Specification
Product Name Servo Electric Cylinder
Mounting Method Flange
Control Method Servo Motor
Speed Customized
Accuracy High
Operating Temperature -20℃~+80℃
Stroke Length Customized
Protection Class IP67
Type Electric Cylinder
Material Aluminum Alloy
Electric Servo Actuator Include an electric motor, a ball screw or lead screw, and a position feedback system


Servo Electric Cylinder is an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for motion control applications. It is manufactured by Suzhou Tongjin, a leading brand in the field. This high-performance product is available in two models, TJEN075 and TJEN095, both of which are Made in China Suzhou. It features a Flange mounting method, providing a secure and reliable connection. The force of the cylinder can be customized according to the customer's needs, and it has a high accuracy and repeatability. Additionally, its Encoder position detection ensures its high energy efficiency compared to traditional Hydraulic or Pneumatic cylinders. This makes it ideal for applications requiring precise and reliable motion control.



Customized Servo Electric Cylinder from Suzhou Tongjin

Suzhou Tongjin offers a wide range of customized Servo Electric Cylinders that are designed to meet high accuracy requirements. Our electric servo linear actuators are perfect for applications that require a clean and environmentally friendly operation.

Model Numbers: TJEN075,095
Brand Name: Suzhou Tongjin
Place of Origin: Made in China, Suzhou
Product Name: Servo Electric Cylinder
Surface Treatment: Anodizing
Mounting Method: Flange
Type: Electric Cylinder
Accuracy: High
Features: Reduced Maintenance, Clean and Environmentally Friendly


Support and Services:

Servo Electric Cylinder Technical Support and Service

We provide a comprehensive suite of technical support and services for our Servo Electric Cylinder. Our experienced technicians offer technical advice, troubleshooting, installation, and repair services, ensuring your Servo Electric Cylinder remains in optimal working condition.

Technical Advice

We provide technical advice to ensure the best performance of your Servo Electric Cylinder. Our technicians will assess your system and provide recommendations for the best setup and configuration of your Servo Electric Cylinder.


In the event of any issues, our technicians can help you troubleshoot and identify the root cause of the problem. We provide detailed diagnostics and step-by-step instructions to help you resolve any problems quickly and efficiently.

Installation and Repair

Our technicians can also help you with the installation and repair of your Servo Electric Cylinder. We provide expert advice on the setup and configuration of your Servo Electric Cylinder, as well as any necessary repairs or maintenance.